Microfarm Living Systems

If a biosphere is “a place on earth’s surface where life dwells”,

at Wild Mountain Farms, Paul Giacomantonio is surely creating

an Eden where life not merely dwells, but dwells well.

Paul your new site is fabulous!

heaven on earth

Five stars!!!

Everybody should check it out.


Paul says…

My new company, ‘Microfarm Living Systems’ is a continuation of the same research and development i started with Inka. I am taking this technology to the ‘Homeowner/business community” as well as schools an Universities. There is quite a bit to explain on that subject.  Paul is now working on a small farming system that can be mounted on a steel frame, ( working name is ‘Frame Farming’) . Not to dissimilar from the Sun Curve’, but with chickens, bees, worms, fish, plants,  compost, solar/wind and grey water recycling.  I would say, it is like a form of ‘Biological Art’, a Bio Sculpture.

We have 40 acres of land in the San Francisco area. We have a very remote/private location where we can work on experimental architectural ideas and systems.

The ideas and vision at the Biospheric Foundation & Epoch Six Research Lab , “Miniaturization and densification” is exactly the process that Microfarm Living System is working on. Growing food, recycling water, building a new home that works with the biosphere, and clean energy generation is our main focus. We are building our first structures and a home here this summer. I am basically being forced to walk my own talk. We are working with the natural materials found on the mountain and other things that we have salvaged from the modern world. I may have to buy cement. The home will be completely covered with plants, it will look like a large ‘Shrubbery “.  Microfarm Living System are still be architectural significant. Currently, i am developing a few vertical gardens for 2 restaurants ,for their dinning rooms. As soon as I finish the next iteration of R&D, I will be ready to go to manufacturing of the ‘Bioquilt’  or ‘Earth Robe’, which is basically an artificial soil that is produced in rolls.

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