If we turn left at Albequerque

we’ll just keep on driving right past the neon,

 and after that last hamburger stand fades away,

we’ll be going back in time

the road will be climbing though Ghost towns

we’ll make Santa Fe before breakfast

I am so feeling like a road trip…



“The seeds of creativity lie within every living human being……”

Mining the Unconscious

Mining the Unconscious: A Creative Path to Self Knowledge, is a Summer 2011 program birthed by four Santa Fe, New Mexico artists, Belinda Edwards, Michele Altenberg, Harriett Tsosie and Laura Langdon beginning in Spring of 2010. Inspired by the stunning and visionary magnum opus of the Swiss psychiatrist, Carl G. Jung, The Red Book, the women approached the Santa Fe Art Commission with a formal proposal to create an exhibit of artwork that referenced archetypal images, symbols, dreams, myths, prophecies, alchemy, spirituality and shamanism…all themes explored by Jung during his seminal journey that began almost 100 years ago into what he described as his “confrontation with the Unconscious”.

This extraordinary community based event stirred the collective imagination of the community of Santa Fe such that the call for artists yielded 150 portfolios for consideration for the art show to be hung at the Santa Fe Community Gallery, an unprecedented number and more than ever received for a gallery exhibit. The level of enthusiasm generated by this exhibit compelled the organizers to create 2 more exhibit opportunities in gallery spaces in Santa Fe, resulting in 3 exhibits of dynamic expressions of art seeded by mining the unconscious.



“From one came three…”

In the Spring of 2010 four New Mexico artists were seized with the vision of mounting an exhibit of artwork inspired by the seminal and extraordinary Red Book, created by the eminent Swiss founder of Analytical Psychology, Carl Jung. From that gem of an idea, a full-blown, ambitious multi-media event, including three art exhibits, was born. The response to the initial call for artists for what was to be the only exhibit yielded 150 portfolios for consideration, the largest response ever received for any exhibit at the Community Gallery.



“The years, of which I have spoken to you, when I pursued the inner images,were the most important time of my life. Everything else is to be derived from this. It began at that time, and the later details hardly matter anymore. My entire life consisted in elaborating what had burst forth from the unconscious and flooded me like an enigmatic stream and threatened to break me. That was the stuff and material for more than only one life. Everything later was merely the outer classification, the scientific elaboration, and the integration into life. But the numinous beginning, which contained everything, was then.” These are the words of the psychologist C. G. Jung in 1957.

Mining the Unconscious” will be on exhibit at the Community Gallery through August 21, 2011. For more information, contact the Community Gallery at 505-955-6705, email rdlambert@santafenm.gov or visit http://www.SantaFeArtsCommission.org

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