I close my eyes

 then I drift away…

Sleep is…romantic… nomadic… the journey of life…

“I forgot about beds and tried to think about sleep. I asked lots of people what sleep meant to them. Invariably the answers contained words like floating, cosy, romantic, rocking, trusting. My design thoughts started with these feelings.”

Sleep…to dream enclosed…cocooned in this haven…wherever that may be…

“Sleep is a voyage through dreams when we wholly give ourselves up in trust, lying curled up in our bed vessel feeling safe and cosy. It can be ten minutes in the office, an hour on the lawn or all night in any place we pull our cradle to.”

Sleep…enfolds…embraces…encircles us…

“A bed is a liferaft that bears us safely through the terrifying storms of nightmares and the blissful calm of gently waking on a summer afternoon.”

– David Trubridge – Designer.

In exploring what sleep means to people, David came to the conclusion that beds needed to be more romantic, and more flexible in their design and application. The design elements drawn on in his concept come from the idea that the bed could be moved and used wherever required. The concept forms a cocooning space that gives a feeling of security and serves the purpose of sheltering sleep from the elements, creating a private sleep space within another space.

Float is hand crafted from sustainable harvest New Zealand native Totara; a water resistant timber that requires little maintenance in its natural state. Acrylic fabric finished in Teflon encloses the base and canopy of Float. This fabric is superior colour fast fabric from Meridian, Italy (www.mokumtextiles.com) designed for outdoor use. The open-cell foam core mattress structure is suitable for exterior use and promotes fast moisture transportation and evaporation. The operating mechanism is in Stainless Steel.

To find out more about David Trubridge and his designs you can visit www.davidtrubridge.com. What a beautiful website this man has.

for survival

In a planet overloaded with material things what justification is there for one more new design? Can we afford to squander our dwindling resources on ephemeral fashion changes? – on something new for the sake of being new? Energy and raw materials are used both in an object’s creation and in its (invariably too soon) disposal. The only justification for me is not the object itself but its message. If it acts in some way as an agent for change, if maybe it causes a few thoughts and reflections then it has a value. The waters that are parted by a sailing boat’s passage come together in its wake and leave no trace of its passing. I would like to live like this and yet I see a trail of litter behind me and an irreversible change on the planet.

So, look – enjoy the “pleasing” form. But think too . . . .

Why will a fishtrap always be necessary? . . . . . but a supermarket trolley become redundant?

Rock in the cradle of our childhood . . . . . in the forests of our ancestors.

Be comforted by our past of self sufficiency. There was a time when individuals were vulnerable but the planet was strong. Now we are stronger and less threatened by nature, but the planet has become vulnerable.

There was a time when our survival depended on the things we made . . . . . for shelter, to catch food, and to store it safely.

There was a certain comfort in that dependence . . . . . . we found around us the materials to make and repair those things. The form of the objects had a logic . . . . . that was how they were made and they had to be like that to function.

If the things I make rekindle some of these emotions and memories, then maybe they will dispel flippancy . . . . make us think and act with wisdom and responsibility.

Step lightly with a delicate footprint.

David Trubridge

Okooko’s inspiration for their designs come from nature and are constructed with natural materials. Each year Okooko chooses one New Zealand designer to create a concept that challenges how we sleep. Each designer is chosen on the basis that their personal and design values are aligned with those of Okooko. Stunning bed designs made from sustainably harvested wood and all natural materials. Green sleep.

Okooko ~ Sleep Dream Live

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