Additional Seating

Number 95

A full house is a table of abundance.
Put another leg on the table with additional seating.
Wishing you a home overflowing…
Good friends, good cheer!

Another great find from Wildflower Organics
The Zinc Folding Table
Zinc top with waxed rust scissor base.
Top will patina with time. May be used outdoors with care.
Top easily removed and legs fold closed.

Dimensions: 75” length, 36” width, 30” height.


There may be no handier an item to have around than a good folding chair.

Lightweight, sturdy Folding Chairs indispensable for entertaining
during the holidays or for hosting parties year round.
Handcrafted in Indonesia of eco-conscious rubber wood
finished in espresso tone, maple or walnut.
set of four (under 80 bucks for they set~they’re a steal, truly and sell out fast!)

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