Where We Tread Enchanted Ground



 “Where Yuletide brings the pain of loss will Mistletoe bring love, beneath my humble leaves let love be now kindled. What fairer grave goods for the sun bright lord than the promise of love new kindled? When two now meet beneath my leaves, let loves kiss light between them. Let the light of love remember him that the world weeps for this season.”

Yule: The Story of Mistletoe


The Druids above all trees of the forest esteemed nothing more scared
than the mistletoe bearing oak, For the thunder-besom, struck by lightning, bears among its branches the visible emanation of Celestial fire, the mistletoe.

 Said to open all locks as well as confer the gifts of abundance, fertility, protection and invulnerability to those who are protected by its golden boughs. Considered an all healer, the Master-Key as well as a lightning-conductor, it possesses the power of revealing all treasure on earth.

To be gathered on the winter solstice, when the sun is in Sagittarius and the moon is on the wane. It must be shot from the tree (not cut from the tree with a common knife) and not suffered to touch the earth as is befitting of its divinity, ere its potency be lost.

We celebrates the end of darkness, the return of light to the earth.


Keep the love light burning….

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