Hollywood-mogul style

“…my theory about the atmosphere around the Marmont is it’s affected by the constant stream of failed and frustrated showbiz fanstasies from decades past funneled down Sunset Hollywood and Hollywood Boulevards. Hollywood Boulevard breaks …apart and winds up into the hills behind the hotel while Sunset flows on in front of it. The Chateau sits like an island in these two powerful streams. I declare Le Ch. Marmont a Deleuzian island kingdom, the schizo’s Mount St. Michel.”http://tinyurl.com/8hmvbjt

Conceived as a fashionable apartment tower during a real estate boom, the Marmont opened in Febuary 1929. It was inspired by the Chateau Amboise, a royal retreat on the Loire, but it as built of steel and concrete to withstand earthquakes, and has proved amazingly durable. High rents discouraged tenants, and the building was soon sold and turned into a hotel. To furnish it, the new owner bought extravagant pieces at Depression-era estate sales and moved them around to suit favorite guests.


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