The Holidays | French Toy Theaters

Just to prove there are World’s Away
and places you never thought you’d find
in a Universe of Year’s,  I thought I’d share
one of my guilty internet pleasures

Somewhere, sometime I chanced upon
Anita Rivera’s site Castles, Crowns and Cottages
She weaves the most evocative melange
of images, words and music as she creates purely
inspirational magic

She and her friends have created for our
holiday pleasure a quintet of tiny performances


linked for your pleasure


Castles, Crowns and Cottages
“Twice Upon a Time”



~ | ~

A Tiny Cottage in the Woods
“La Petite Princesse of Gitane”



~ | ~

Burlap Luxe
“Tales of french Gypsy Mice”



~ | ~

Row Homes and Cobblestones
“The Gypsy Ballet”



~ | ~

Create Beauty
“The Christmas Dream ~ Once Upon a December”

30 Mousevalia

38 Mousevalia Stunt

merveilleux !

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