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Number 78

Mercury Glass

“Although blown glass orbs coated on the inside with mysterious
liquid silvering solutions first appeared in the late 17th
century, the decorative vases, beakers, goblets and tableware
known today as mercury glass were first made around 1840 in
the forests of Bohemia, which is now the Czech Republic.
Appearing almost simultaneously in Bohemia, England and the
United States, silvered glass created an instant sensation
in the mid-19th century and was lauded as an important
discovery in scientific journals.

Silvered glass was shown at the great Crystal Palace Exhibition
held in London in 1851. The unusual beauty and novel techniques
used to create the glass were praised in several essays from
two prominent publications including, “The Illustrated Catalogue”
by the Art Journal and in “Tallis’s History and Description
of the Crystal Palace”, both of which provided lessons on taste
by leading authorities of that time. Several years later,
silvered glass made by the New England Glass Company was exhibited
at the New York Crystal Palace held in 1853.

Initially a curiosity, silvered glass may have become popular
because of its marked departure from the aesthetic tedium of
the clear blown and pressed glass made in the early 19th century.
Sometimes referred to as a novelty, the production of silvered
mercury glass lasted about 80 years.”

from The Elegance of Silvered Mercury Glass By Diane Lytwyn


Pottery Barn

or make your own!

from Laurie @ The Girls’ Project Group

Easy peasy mercury balls……….