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Ano Nuevo Island Elephant Seals

Number 81

Ano Nuevo Island

One of the best winter walks you could make is a
winter trip to Año Nuevo State Reserve.

Treat yourself and your kids
to a wildlife drama that attracts visitors from all over the world—a
close-up look at the largest mainland population of elephant seals.

From December through April, a colony of the huge creatures visits
Año Nuevo island and point in order to breed and bear young. To
protect the elephant seals (and the humans who hike out to see them),
the reserve is open only through naturalist-guided tours during these months.

Ano Nuevo State Park

Your Bathroom Needs Some ::bling::


Number  82

Baths need some ::bling::

Jewelry for your project.

These sinks are some serious eye candy.

Made of porcelain and not ceramic makes them a Rolls Royce in the world of sinks. Produced by Majolica Hand Painted Tiles it and the tiles that accompany this line are true hand painted artisan examples of Tavelera. The creation of Talavera works continues to be undertaken by many artisan studios using traditional techniques, pottery masters with a full artistic education, selected materials, and the time necessary to hand make each piece as a personal expression of its creator.

From Artistic Tile and Stone

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Uncle Earl Wants a Word With You ~ ‘Illuminated’ first edition Greendale RUST series books

Number 84

Illuminated First Edition Greendale RUST series
Only 30 produced!

Uncle Earl wrote us today… 

Hi Melinda!! i have a few of my ‘Illuminated’ first edition Greendale RUST series books available from the 30 book limited edition set…each book has a hand-painted original artwork by me in it…there are only 7 books left …check them out and it is nice hearing from you …Mazz

The story of a tragic event and its effects on three generations of an American family, Neil Young’s Greendale, originally groundbreaking and critically acclaimed album, film and multi-media tour. For the companion book, the story of the Green family is expanded and brought to vivid life with the help of illustrations by James Mazzeo. Chapters highlight lyrics and stories behind each of the piece’s ten songs. This book is the Greendale experience brought to a glorious conclusion, and a must for any fan of Neil Young’s work.

Nice to hear from you too Mazz!

Find James Mazzeo Here

Mr. Mazzeo your art is simply amazing!

Ocean Gifts

Number 85

Sand Dollars and Christmas
Every year, just about this time, my daughter and I, would take
to Pomponio beach during low tide on out annual sandollar hunt.
Sand dollars, found birds nests, feathers and every other natural
nuggut I can find, finds it’s way onto my tree.

The tides are just right this time of year to find beach
treasures to hang on the tree.

Nothing better than winter beach combing.

Golden Gate Tides 


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A Love Bizarre


Number 87

Happy Birthday Sheila E!

That’s what we are, we all want a love bizarre
We all want the stuff that’s found in our wildest dreams…

Heh!Yeh! guaranteed to kick you into the Holiday stratosphere
This will undoubtedly be one of the best shows of the Holiday


Sheila E and guests one show only!
Chairs are for fools, this is a DANCE concert!

Woah, be there

Your Own Magazine Store

Number 88

Your Own Magazine Rack Store

“Explore a world of publications by people and publishers alike.
Collect, share and publish in a format designed to make your
documents look their very best”

They do too.
This site is amazing, enough said.


Publish by millions.