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Bring on the ::bling::

Number 75

The Ultimate Unrestricted  ::bling::
Undoubtedly the world’s most amazing clutches.

from  Marchesa

The company’s namesake and muse, Marchesa Luisa Casati,
is the noted eccentric European style icon.

“She was the most flamboyant and dramatic character to flit through the
early 20th century European beau monde.  They simply don’t make her kind
anymore: richer than God, gloriously semi-sane, with outrageous tastes
in friends, art, decor, clothes, houses, pets and lovers.  Guests of
Casati’s boudoir were a veritable who’s who of the aristos, aesthetes,
artists, bon vivants, poets, dancers and dandies that made the early 20th
century’s art scene what it was; totally, utterly and delightfully mad.”

Michael Mattis

“Her alchemy was much more complex, producing many other marvels.  By what  fire she did transmute the substance of her life into the beauties of
such moving power?  She demonstrated how true it is that all enchantmentis madness induced with art.  But what was the real essence of this creature?  Was she aware of her continuous metaphorphosis, or was she impenetrable to herself, excluded from her own mystery?”

Gabriel D’Annunzio

from Fashion’s Most Wanted

definitely on the fashionista/artista must read list