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Vanilla ~ The Traveler’s Safeguard

Number 76


The chef prepares a special menu for your delight, oh my
Tonight you fly so high up in the vanilla sky
In the vanilla, in the vanilla, in the vanilla sky
In the vanilla, in the vanilla, in the vanilla sky

In the vanilla sky…..

Sir Paul

In The Codex Badianus or Badianus Manuscript – the first medical text
book in the Americas, written by an Aztec doctor in 1552 – vanilla
is included in a recipe for a charm called ‘The Traveler Safeguard’
(‘Viatoris Praesidium’ – Aztec scribes were taught to write in Latin
after the Conquest); mixed with other herbs to promote sleep; and in
another lotion used ‘against fatigue of those holding public office’. lol


It is the ancient Totonaco Indians of Mexico who were the
first keepers of the secrets of vanilla, however. When they were
defeated by the Aztecs, they were demanded to relinquish
their exotic fruit of the Tlilxochitl vine, the vanilla pods.

When, in turn, the Aztecs were defeated by the conquering
Spaniard, Hernando Cortez, he returned to Spain with the
precious plunder – vanilla beans. Today, vanilla beans
are grown in four main areas of the world. Each region
produces vanilla beans with distinctive characteristics and
attributes. Madagascar, an island off the east coast of
Africa, is the largest producer of vanilla beans in the
world and the ensuing vanilla is known as Madagascar Bourbon
vanilla. The term Bourbon applies to beans grown on the
Bourbon Islands – Madagascar, Comoro, Seychelle and Reunion.”

 Neilsen Massey

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